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To Be, Or Not To Be

A bunch of geeks are gathering in Prague for the next twelve days to decide on a question that will either confirm what you've known your entire life or completely shoot to shit what your teachers rammed into your trusting brains,.

Pluto's status as a planet is in the middle of a fierce ideological war.

According to one member of the committee: "So far it looks like a stalemate," Suchan said. "One half wants Pluto to remain a planet, the other half says Pluto is not worth being called a planet."

Not worth being called a planet? Come now geeks, those are fighting words!

Should this go down the wrong way, dear readers, who's with me on avenging the little guy?


At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Jeremy said...

ha ha. I just read about this. They're split 50-50 on Pluto. I say let's just add the 20-40 other objects that are the size of Pluto as planets. The young people can handle memorizing 40 some odd planets can they. A mean trick? Well maybe but it would be funny to see all the kids have to memorize all the planets.

At 3:52 AM, Blogger jay on the road said...

what about Xena and her moon Gabriella? they are both bigger than pluto.


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