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This Is Why They Pay Me The Big Bucks

The following IM popped up that was too precious not to share. It's from a former co-worker seeking some career advice.

Formercoworker: I have a really stupid question
Z: I love really stupid questions
Formercoworker: The new female supervisor wants my datatech password cause I'm out tomorrow. My password is "Lionteet1". You think I should get that changed before I give it to her?
Z: (after bouts of laughter) I'd think it was hilarious and wonder what in the hell made you choose that. But that's me...

...five minutes later...

Formercoworker: She just came up to me and asked me what it was
Z: And did you tell her
Formercoworker: She said she wouldn't judge me
Z: She's judging you
Formercoworker: I told her I was watching a lot on National Geographic



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