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Bono Buys A Piece Of Forbes

Is there anything this man can't do? It was announced today that a company of which Bono is one of six Chairmen, Elevation Partners, bought out a large stake of Forbes.com - oh, and the deal threw in the magazine, too.

According to the NYTimes: "Bono was not directly involved in the Forbes meetings, but Mr. McNamee said that the singer was attracted to the magazine because it “has a point of view,” adding that Bono “drove this part of the discussion and likes the fact that there has been a consistent philosophy throughout its history.” But it was clear from talking with Mr. McNamee that his group was buying into a Web site with a magazine attached, as opposed to the other way around. "

Hmmm...Is that because the site draws nearly 10,000 unique users a month with questionable headlines like How To Be A Gold Digger and Top Topless Beaches (sorry I missed that one, dear readers)?


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