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Deathwatch 2007: Straight Men No Longer Have Any Hope

My boys in Chelsea haven't had their 2(x)ists in such a tizzy since the demise of Splash. Bravo announced yesterday that they were, indeed, hitting the final nail in the Queer Eye coffin. A spokeswhore for Bravo issued this statement:

“We proudly watched as viewers embraced the series that really helped open the closet doors on gays and their presence on television and in popular culture.”

I was a huge fan of the show when it first premiered and while I still salivate for Kyan (a newly single girl's solo experiences know no sexually orientated barriers), the news isn't terribly surprising as ratings have dropped significantly since the series launch four years ago.

One can only hope that this also means the end to Carson Kressley's fame (although he'll likely show up on TV Guide Channel as a sidekick to Joan Rivers or a similar bullshit gig).


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