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I Wish The Two Of You Would Just Team Up

Z's not looking forward to the bloodbath about to ensue. Love ya' both. Isn't there any way the two of you could figure out a way to do it together rather than to tear the Dem base apart?

Forget McCain, Giuliani and the rest of the bend-over not-quite-Right. My eye is on the Democratic Race. It’s going to be ugly. Politics being what politics will be, I cringe at the thought of what the next year will bring. It will come as no surprise that McCain will eventually ask a deflated ego-ed Giuliani to agree to be his running mate. The Good Ole Party has no other serious contenders. What their hoping for is my worst fear: a Democratic Deathmatch between Hil, Barack and, surprisingly, Edwards.

We’re poised to take back the White House and yet this ménage-a-toi will divide the party quicker then you can say toh-may-toh, toe-mah-toh. Dems will vote Dem.That’s not up for consideration. The underlying question is: will they vote for a woman, a black man or the safety. Experience (irrefutable yet some would argue through her husband and because she stood by her man), charisma (and something new, entirely optimistic, yet green and as yet undefined other than by a obligtory dull and unexposing autobiography, a couple of talk show appearances and a surfside six-pack photo-op) and something tried and true (who submitted after defeat to being the sloppy seconds to the wooden flip-floppy soldier).

What’s a Dem to do?

People will argue that the Independents will decide this race. I’m not arguing that because based on the years I’ve been eligible to vote, it’s been the truth. However, they’re not registered for the Primaries. And, Primaries come first. That’s the showdown I’m dreading.


At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Jeremy said...

I really wish Obama would back off. I like the guy, but I don't really think he has the experience. Maybe I'm being overly judgemental of him, but I'm not sure I could vote for him.

I agree with you Z. I think the Dems could end up losing '08 because they don't have one person with an overwhelming majority of the base. It's going to be bloody and it will be a great opportunity for a McCain to jump in there and act like he is a moderate.

At 2:51 PM, Blogger Z. Madison said...

I hope it doesn't come to that Jeremy.


ps - i hope you enjoyed the 1st 1/3 of my next observationist article...wink, wink.

At 10:27 PM, Anonymous Me said...

Hate to say it but i think there's a couple of for lack of a better term factual errors present. First, many independents and persons from other parties can actually vote in certain primaries. This is a state by state matter. Secondly, and I am generally against this, but with the accelerated primary season as it currently stand there is no longer a blood bath. The down side is that candidates are determined without a real vetting or what have you from real elections. Recall that Dean after losing the first primary was ostensibly over. Bush lost his first but from there on carried it. The good is that it does allow us to back a single candidate. We knew Kerry was going to be the guy by March 1. It's sort of a matter of the press.

At 10:06 AM, Blogger Z. Madison said...

Thanks "me" for the fact-checking. Do you work in a law firm or something? ;)

My point however unfactually presented is that the two of them would make an incredible team. I wish they'd team up so Democrats wouldn't have to decide between them. Hopefully both of their camps run a clean campaign and keep the mud-slinging to a minimum.


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