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The Axe Is Falling

Tis the season for layoffs it seems. For all the Time Inc staff and the two people I personally know who got laid off in the past week, Z presents the Top Ten Reasons It's Good To Be Downsized:

*You'll be able to check out the launch of the Supersized Today Show
*The potential to be the most informed guest at that Oscar Party having wasted afternoons for the next month seeing every nomination
*That twenty-four-hours-of-"24" is now a distinct possibility
* What better time to start a blog?
*Sleeping in
*No more Sunday Night Insomnia or Monday Morning Blues
*You're not going to be in a situation like this anytime soon
*Every day is Dress Down Friday
*Your morning cup of coffee is a leisure activity, not a rushed necessity
*You can surf the net to your heart's content without worry Big Brother is watching


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