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Happy Hump Day

Considering the MTA, Metro North, LIRR and NJ Transit were fucked from the storm this morning, here's hoping you called in 'sick' (or were lucky enough to have had your Manfriend sleep over last night and sweetly give you a ride to work).

UPDATE: To be fair, Brooklyn did have a TORNADO. An F2 to be exact. Bugger landed in Bay Ridge and swung northeast to the base of Prospect Park. Check it out:

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At 11:00 AM, Anonymous Troy from TODC said...

seems like it would suck to be in New York right now.

At 11:07 AM, Blogger Z. Madison said...

Hey Troy,

Yeah, this seems to happen whenever we get alot of rain. Gotta love having a transportation system that's a century old. The tornado in Bklyn was a bit of a surprise though...


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