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Talk About A Money Shot!

While I cannot wrap my mind around what their combined net annual salaries are, I know it's more than even I could possibly squander on the four corners of 57th Street and 5th Avenue. (Van Cleef, Blvgari, Bergdorfs and Tiffany's! Oh My!). I'm just curious as to when the newest and surprisingly shorter American Super-Athlete's going to earn his due. MLS musings aside, congrats must be bestowed on Mr. 500-Rod, a shout out given to fellow pinstriper Matsui (100 Career Home Runs) and that other New York team for Glavine's 300th Win.

Even though Yanks fans have been keenly eyeing the standings all season, now's the time of year all fans begin casting a nervous and watchful gaze at each league's division leaders while trying to keep up on the mathematical Wild Card scenarios (and I start dropping serious hints to my sales reps about tickets).

My take on the perfect playoff scenario would be for it to come down to the Cubbies (currently one game back in the Central Division) versus the still comfortably in the lead Mets for the National League Championship. Loyalty to my town would have me rooting for the Mets, but in that scenario a Cubbie clinch would warm my cold black heart. As for the American League - you gotta' ask? What better way for the Bronx to enter the World Series than by scratching out a scrappy seventh game win over BoSox Nation.

Ah, but we still have the dog days of Summer to slug through and 30 long days in September of watching and waiting. Play ball, boys. Play ball.

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At 3:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg, he is so hot, the guy on the right... wow, smokin

At 11:44 AM, Blogger Z. Madison said...

Smokin is right! Too bad is wife is a plastic alien.


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