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Happy 125th Birthday, Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge marks its one hundred and twenty fifth year tomorrow. If it is possible to love a landmark, then consider me most smitten. If you've never done so, please take a walk over the bridge one day soon. It's an incredible experience and something I like to do at least once a week, weather permitting.

And thank you to ilistenalot for uploading this video of Old Blue Eyes preforming one of my favorite tracks of his on top of the ol' girl herself.

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Ahoy There, Sailor!

With Memorial Day right around the corner, that most special week of weeks begins. That's right, it's once again Fleet Week and the sailors are descending upon us as you read this.

As much as I look forward to spotting and chatting up the Navy Men (it is my patriotic duty after all), the past few years have proven somewhat disheartening.

Each year, I am a little older, yet the sailors reappear frozen in their early twenties and even if my heart didn't belong to another, cougar isn't a personality trait I'd welcome.

I'll always have the memory of dancing to Johnny Cash in that most vile backroom of The Village Idiot with members of a crew we befriended while to the South, the Twin Towers still sparkled with late night office lights when we spilled out on the sidewalk in search of pizza and the much more subdued beers with a group of frankly, terrified, young sailors who were going to be deployed to The Persian Gulf a couple of years later.

Enjoy the city this week, Sailors. Rest assured, you'll be bringing a smile to this thirtysomething's face.

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Congrats On The Raise, NYPD

When I first started out in media after graduating college, I earned $24,000. This was back in 1999 and even then it didn't stretch too far. The only risks to life and limb were the occassional paper cut and possible liver damage from open bar media parties. (Wall Street Journal's regular bashes at Rodeo Bar alone likely gave me cirrhosis).

I was appalled to learn NYPD recruits could expect a measly $25,100 salary as rookies a couple of years ago. In a post-9/11 world. And in this city of all cities? This figure was not just a sad statement of what the city deemed to be the rookies market value, it was an insult to the NYPD and the citizens they serve.

So I was very happy to learn today that arbitrators gave the rookies a 43% pay increase. The grads will now earn $35,881 as a starting salary and all NYPD cops can expect a 9.73% raise in upcoming paychecks.

Thank you, Commissioner Kelly, for standing your ground and fighting the fair fight for New York's Finest.

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Sue Simmon's Snarls Out The F-Bomb

I grew up with Sue Simmons behind the anchor chair. She's always seemed poised, gracious and classy. Having put her up on a pedestal all these years, I was surprised to hear she slipped out "fuck" on air during one of those "Coming up at 11..." promos.

I figured it was just a simple "oh fuck" mumbled as she got a paper cut.

After watching the above more than a few times, I'm still laughing my ass off at the verve in which she snarls "What the FUCK are YOU doing?" Me thinks Ms Simmons may be a bit of a diva off-camera...

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This is just so bazaar I had to share:

Thx, MK at Dlisted!

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Hey Hil,

I've just wasted my time watching hours of CNN commenters pontificate their bullshit opinions and I'm left with the same opinion as I've had for months: Hil, I respect and love you for barreling on, and deservedly so.

If the math of the primaries doesn't pan out and the aholes in the DMC don't allow the voices of two HUGE swing states to allow their voters to cast their Constitutional Right, may I suggest the following:

Become the Independent Candidate. 2008's Ross Perot

Since 1994 I've been a card carrying Democrat, however I'm one of the CNN Poll based Dems that won't vote for Barack. I just can't trust him. "Change" isn't good enough for me. I need experience and action.

Screw the Party Line. Keep on, keeping on, Hil.


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It's Derby Day!

Get your mint juleps and fabulous hat ready after plunking down some bets at OTB, because Big Brown, Big Truck and Eight Belles are saddled up and ready to race at tonight's Kentucky Derby.

It's been thirty years since the last Triple Crown winner, Affirmed, swept the Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes. Can one of these fillies or stallions capture this most prestigious equine honor?

Be sure to tune in to NBC at 6pm to find out. Or just tune in for the outrageous head wear the ladies in attendance will be sporting. Either way, you're bound to be entertained.

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