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Happy Halloween!

Here's hoping all you goblins and ghosts eat enough candy to make you sick and get a few good scares tonight.

I'll be here. The prerequisite is that you need to board as a celebrity. So who will I arrive as?

Why, The Devil herself, 'natch. In Prada, ginormus dark shades and a puss, but of course.
UPDATE: Apparently, my costume was dead on as Z. took home 2nd Place in the costume contest! A photographer snapped a few pics as I accepted my prize (which was stolen at the afterparty) so if my rep sends them over, I'll be sure to post.


Dumpwatch 2006: Now You Can Finally Put Those Endless Preggers Rumors To Rest

TMZ is reporting the Reese and Ryan are ending their seven year marriage.

“We are saddened to announce that Reese & Ryan have decided to formally separate. They remain committed to their family and we ask that you please respect their privacy and the safety of their children at this time.”

Let's just hope for the kids' sake, this one is smoother than Paul & Heather's War Of The Roses currently underway across the pond...


Spring Ahead...

Fall Back.

That's right, dear readers, it's time to set your watch/clocks/microwave/dvd player back an hour. While it'll suck tomorrow, at least you'll get an extra hour of costume time tonight.



The new Dominos commercial: Brooklyn Style Pizza.

J. Walter creative team, you should be ashamed of yourselves. It's so wrong on so many levels.

Yet, fucking hilarious. Enjoy!

And Here I Am Trolling www.ashford.com For A Discount On Just One

Tasty little tidbit from an event my client threw last night in LA. Linds showed up and the Swiss CEO was so smitten that he reached into one of the display cases, took out three timepeices (worth a few grand each) and handed them over as a parting gift to Ms. Lohan.

Lucky Linds is showing off the one I covet in the pic above.

And It Shall Be Known As........

That right, dear readers, there's a new subway line coming to town and it's called T 125 St - Houston St, otherwise known as The Second Avenue Line.

Why T? Bear with me here, dear readers: Back before the creation of the MTA in the 1940s, our trolleys and elevated lines were part of three competitive companies: the IND, BMT and the IRT. The INDs are the letter lines while the IRTs are identified by numbers. (BMT lines resided in Brooklyn) The T will be part of the old IND system. Of the available letters left, H and K once lived as blue lines and I and O could too easily be mistaken for a one and zero. That leaves P and T. Apparently there was an internal spat over the letter P, so our winner is.....wait for it.......T. Got all that?

Fun fact for you: This isn't the first time the T's made her grand debut. For a year back in the 1960s she took over the D's duties before being hustled back into obscurity. Patiently she's waited for this moment, and patience will have to remain T's virtue, because before the official line's opening, the MTA's grand three-fold plan is to extend the Q all the way to the east side and up to 125th before digging down to Houston.

While my grandchildren await that fateful day, I'm getting to work on creating T tees and other fun loot celebrating the eminent opening of my new favorite subway line.


Deathwatch 2006: New Fall Shows Get The Axe

Coming as no surprise to anyone in the industry, Twenty Good Years has been given the axe by NBC.

The peacock network also announced a shoring up of Must-See-TV yesterday:

*Scrubs will return on 11/30 in the 9pm time slot against Grey's on Thursdays.
*30 Rock moves to Thursdays at 9:30pm.

What show's next?

Sly, Sly, Sly...

Look closely, dear readers, and you'll see that this is, in fact, a promo poster for the upcoming Rambo IV. Yep, right on the heels of wrapping RockyVI, Stallone's gone and squeezed the remaing blood from his Rambo rock.

Filming is scheduled to start in January in Thailand. The 'plot' (according to AP reports) centers on John Rambo as he is pulled out of retirement in Bangkok to help find missionary aid workers who disappear as they're delivering supplies to ethnic minorities in neighboring Myanmar.


Got Costume?

Have you been ignoring those evites and actively avoiding Ricky's? Z's got your costume needs covered:

For the Ladies: When you want to get a little slut on, but don't want to be yet another hookerish Dorthy/Little Red Riding Hood/Snow White/Nurse/French Maid - Be Tara Reid!

You're preggers and not sure how to hide it? Flaunt it lady by sticking a bun in your oven for all to see:

For the balding and/or 'husky' dudes (works for the little ones, too): Yoda!!! There was a kid in my hood last year sporting the below get-up. I loved how his badass self stood out among the Suess/Spongebob/Spidermans so much, I gave the hot little bitch a bowlful of candy:Speaking of hot bitches, it's the one night of the year where it is completely acceptable to dress up your pooch. Enough of the hotdogs/bumblebees and the like. My bitch would don this to show how super I think she is:

And then there's always the classic Chick Magnet. I've seen this one done countless ways and it never ceases to amaze/make me laugh:

Trick or Treat, dear readers!

That Cab Ride's About To Get A Bit Pricier

The TLC approved it's first fare increase since 2004. How's it going to affect you?

*Introduction of a flat fee from anywhere in Manhattan to JFK: $45 (+ tip)
*Being stuck in traffic ("idle fee") will double from 20 cents to 40 a minute.

The estimates are that this will increase the average fare about a buck. Happy Hailing!

Happy Birthday GW!

75 years ago today, the George Washington Bridge opened, connecting Manhattan and Jersey and thus, forever changing the NY Metro area by creating suburbs.

Fun Facts about 1931:
*The Empire State Building construction completed
*The Star Spangled Banner enacted as our National Anthem; 75 years of butchered "FREE" in the High E later, natives still having trouble remembering the words
*Al Capone sentenced to over a decade in the slammer; Windy City breathes a sigh of relief
*The 6th Avenue - 8th Avenue section of the L train opened; cockblocked riders still awaiting it's untimely arrivals
*Nylon created, forever changing the look of ladies' gams
*The average annual family income was $1,500; luckily men were only expected to reach 58 years (and ladies 62)


Deathwatch 2006: Music Haters Unite

Quick on the heels of CBGB's demise, Tower Records has announced that it too will go quietly into the night. Ah, but dear readers, retail's loss is your gain!

Two words: Liquidation Sale

So get your SexyBack and Madden on (at a heavily discounted price).

Hot Holiday Gift Ideas

What better way to show your love for that special someone this holiday season than by giving them their very own acre sized plot of the Moon.

That's right, dear readers, for less than $40, you too can be the proud owner of a deed, map and mineral rights for your moon-plot courtesy of Lunar Embassy, a company that makes the Corcoran Group look like H.U.D.

Personally, I'm hoping for a plot on Venus (and you know why).


Did I Mention I'm A Klutz?

There's a Banana Republic dangerously close to my place of employment. During my lunch hour yesterday I hastened over in hopes of getting my shop on. Dejectedly exiting empty handed, I crossed over 6th Avenue and darted across Carmine.

Or, at least I tried to before the pavement attacked me.

I was donning my cute, yet comfortable, peekaboo-toe pumps. Normally, these shoes do not pose a problem navigating the myriad of pedestrian obstacles NYC boasts. However, about 3/4 of the way across Carmine, my 4-inch stacked wood heel got caught in something. WHUMPH! I went down. Hard. In the middle of the street, my handbag vomiting it's contents all over the pavement as my outstretched left palm absorbed most of the impact.

FUUUUUUUUUUCK! I yelled in shock that I wasn't seriously hurt while glancing to the right to be sure a cab wasn't barreling it's way toward my spilled self. Tourists were gaping at me. The Middle Eastern newsstand guy was dumbfounded. As I tried to collect myself, a guy my age came over to help retrieve my wayward trident white, p-funks and obnoxiously large sunglasses.

I meekly offered a thanks and "Wow, the pavement must be in attack mode."

Feeling like a complete and utter klutz I am, I dusted myself off, ascertained the growing bruise to my palm and noted the scraped up left ankle. And got the hell outta there, dodging into the nearest nail salon on Bleeker for a 10 minute back rub.

So a big thank you to the good samaritan and a big FU to the newsstand operator and the fuckwit tourists.

PS - Today I'm in flats.

Let Go Mets...

Do it for NY! Or at least so I can hear the deep and drunken screams from Hanley's reverberate throughout the block again tonight.

UPDATE: Seriously, I actually half-heartedly believed in a team with that freakshow of a mascot?

Who Da Winner?

It's Jeffrey!

I know, I know...I've been lacking on the Project Runway commentary as of late. Please forgive as I've been too busy slaving for the man, watching the Yanks blow it big time and attempting to have a life on Wednesday nights. It doesn't mean I don't care and that I haven't been following obsessively.

Final thoughts on last night?

They're all great in their own niches. Each will have a career in fashion. Like half the viewers, I was rooting for Michael and couldn't wait to see his collection. I expected to be blown away. I knew Laura's dresses would be divine, Uli would have some funky easy-breezy Miami-wear and frankly no idea what Jeffrey would throw down the aisle.

And then they showed.

Jeffrey: Surprisingly light colored palate, lots of rip-aways and other creative tweaks that would at once scream LA and therefore unwearable for me. Not enough wowza (and two fugly blue concoctions) = LOSER

Laura: Classy, classical and covetable evening wear expertly crafted. No range = LOSER.

Uli: Gorgeous, flowy, surprisingly wearable range of outfits that truly was a collection = WINNER.

Michael: Huge fucking disappointment. So sexy they were borderline skanky. All the SAME FUCKING OUTFIT (dress or hotpants? hotpants or dress?) = LOSER.

I really thought the judges would go with Uli. Women were even coming up to Nina asking how to get in touch with her.


Jeffrey it was.

So Nina - how can I get in touch with Uli?

PS - For a great interview with Tim Gunn, click here.

Dumpwatch 2006: Let The Bloodbath Begin

As speculated, NBC's going for the jugular today and will slash about 700 employees from its roster. Another cost savings initiative, announced in today's Wall Street Journal, will be to "stop scheduling high-priced dramas and comedies during the 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. slot. Jeff Zucker, chief executive of NBC Universal's television group, said he'll focus on cheaper programming."

Damn, I was just starting to get into Friday Night Lights...


Peter Olson: Art Scam

Recently, an artist I know was approached via email with regard to a purchase of some of his paintings housed in an online gallery.

The email was from Peter Olson, peter_olson_5@yahoo.ca with a now defunct UK mobile number. 44.702.406.2701

Initially, it'd appeared to be an interested party who wished to buy a few pieces for his home in Middlesex, England. While in 'negotiations', a few things didn't add up. Googling and two subsequent phone calls further fueled the doubt. Turns out he was fronting a classic certified check scheme ala Catch Me If You Can.

Luckily, before my friend deposited the check, they'd called the bank to validate its legitimacy. It was a fake. I'm pissed and want to report this fuck to any and to every fraud protection/enforcement agency around. I told the friend to submit the check and the envelope in which it came to the authorities.

My friend just wants to let it go.

I say to hell with that.

Dear readers, if you're in the situation, please report fake scams to the National Fraud Information Center/Internet Fraud Watch, a service of the nonprofit National Consumers League, at http://www.fraud.org/ or (800) 876-7060. That information will be transmitted to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and these pieces of shit will get what's theirs.


Deja Vu?

Something about the Mets' current situation seems all too familiar...


There Goes The Hood

I had an AHA! moment stumbling upon this on Curbed today. Not to get all Friday The 13th on you, but when my mother passed four years ago, I made the arrangements for the funeral. For those who've not been through the experience, planning a funeral is a lot like buying a car. Funeral Directors are just pimping the options and upgrades on standard models. Overloaded on Six Feet Under episodes, I was having none of that.

The Funeral Director hands me a book with various coffins to select from, immediately gushing about a $10,000 model. Now, being 24 years old (and realizing my brother and I would be paying for this little send off), my negotiation skills kicked in. FD and I haggled over a few models before a respectable oak model with a "Seashore Scalloped" silk/cotton blend interior stuck out. The fact that it was "Made By South Brooklyn Casket Company" gave me a good vibe. What sealed the deal (besides the much more affordable price tag) was that the company promised to plant a tree in my mother's memory at an undisclosed place in Brooklyn. A casket company with a heart. Sold!

Fast forward to today. I hadn't given this place a second thought since sending that check to the funeral home years ago. Bored and cruising the Net, imagine my surprise to see the post on Curbed and to realize that it's located mere blocks from where I've called home for nearly a decade. Reading the Brooklyn Papers' article that inspired the post had me laughing out loud in my cube:

"Harry Pantone, who owns the famously secretive company, refused to comment, in fact hanging up on a reporter twice. And on a recent morning, a workman warned an approaching Brooklyn Papers photographer against pressing the shutter button.

'If you take a picture, I’ll break your camera and give you a beating,' he said."

Ah, South Brooklyn Casket Company, you make my heart smile. Sorry to see you go.

Liar, Liar Pants On Fire

I've always suspected this, but today it was announced per a University of Florida study many popular decaf coffees sold in the US contain...wait for it...CAFFEINE. Not surprisingly, Starshmucks was one of the worst culprits doling out 10% caf in any decaf product. In fact, the only truly free of caffeine product out there is Folgers instant decaf coffee. So think twice before going on that Dunkin' Donuts run my preggers and otherwise trying-to-live-healthy-lifestyles readers...

Deathwatch 2006: Punk Paradise

After one of the nastiest NY Real Estate break-ups in years, CBGBs will close its skeezy doors this Sunday. Fannypacks hope to be able to relive the experience on the Vegas strip soon, as legendary owner Hilly Kristal has carpenters coming to dismantle the bar, stage and even the walls layered with stickers and god knows what else and will reassemble them in the desert. Not that he has signed a lease yet...


Feeding The Man

Do you ever look over your pay stub and gawk "HOLY FUCK!" at the amount you've paid into taxes and social security year to date?


Hot Holiday Gift Ideas

Laser TV.

That's right, LASER TV.

Just in time for the holidays, Laser TV is being introduced to the techie masses. According to Investor's Business Daily, it's twice as sharp as plasma and uses 25% less electricity. Laser TV's color contents are about 90% of what the typical human eye can see, which is about 3x as good as conventional LCD TVs. Samsung and Mitsubishi are leading the retail charge. Oh, and they're going to be like the Nano of big TVs: half the weight and HALF THE DEPTH of current plasmas. No word on prices.

Eee-gods, I want one.


The poor pug knows its life is at stake just being near that skank.

Just put the pug down, Parasite. Put it down and walk away or I'll get Shanna all up in your grill...

thx dlisted!

Psst, Ladies: Get Your Spa On

Flying under the radar this week is one of those NYC specials. In the spirit of Wine Week and Restaurant Week comes the highly anticipated Fall event already in full swing: Spa Week.

For $50, pamper yourself silly at such spots as Oasis Day Spa (the one on Park), Body by Brooklyn or Clarins Skin Spa. Click here for more details. Really, as if you needed an excuse to indulge...

Straight Out Of A Cheech & Chong Script

LOS LUNAS, N.M. (AP) -- Three workers at a Burger King restaurant were arrested after two Isleta tribal police officers discovered that the hamburgers they ordered were sprinkled with marijuana.

The Isleta Police Department officers ate about half of their burgers Sunday before discovering marijuana on the meat. The officers used a field test kit to confirm the substance was pot, then went to a hospital for a medical evaluation.

The three Burger King employees - Justin Armijo, 19; Robert Nuckols, 21; and manager Joseph Ledesma, 33 - were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and aggravated battery on an officer, a felony.


Seriously, a medical evaluation? Clearly the ganj was of questionable quality if the officers only ate half their burgers.


Dumpwatch 2006: St. Torre

I hate to say it, but the Yankees' playoff loss was ultimately due to poor management.

I get that you want to play vets in post season, but they weren't the guys that got us to October. We need a first baseman. Shef shouldn't have been thrown into a brand new position in the post season. We need to stop buying old guys and farm new talent. We shouldn't have been switching up the line-up. With the skill we had, there's no reason why we shouldn't have won it all.

We need a new manager.

I love you, Torre, but you gotta go. Oh, and can you take A-Rod with you?

UPDATE: Ok, ok...I may have been a little pissed and posted the above as a knee-jerk reaction. St. Torre's gotten us to the playoffs every year, one of the longest streaks in baseball. I love you, and all is forgiven (for another year).

Torre's holding a press conference now saying he's staying on.

Steinbrenner, in a statement issued through spokesman Howard Rubenstein, said he told Torre: "'You're back for the year. I expect a great deal from you and the entire team. I have high expectations, and I want to see enthusiasm, a fighting spirit and a team that works together. Responsibility is yours, Joe, and all of the Yankees.'

"Yes, I am deeply disappointed about our loss this year," Steinbrenner added. "We have to do better, and I deeply want a championship. It's about time."

However, there's still no love for our error kingpin third baseman. I wouldn't shed a tear to here he's waived the no trade clause in his $25MM a year contract. Any takers? Any?


Suicide League Week Five: Let's Go Fishing

I'm feeling pretty confident about this one. Former 3x Superbowl champs, the New England Patriots, are hosting Miami. It's open season on Dolphins. Let's go Pats!

Hot Holiday Gift Ideas

psst - season 2 is available 11/29


I Can't Wait To See This!!!

The only question is who won't be getting an Oscar. Click here for glowing reviews.



For a good time call 1.516.730.7245

Trust me.

Excuse Me?

The above is not me, but it pretty much resembles the look I likely gave to my 10:30 appointment this morning.

Working in media, part of my job function is to meet with various sales reps to discuss their media outlet and how (and if) we should partner with my brands. As advertising is basically high school with corporate cards, the scope of personalities and egos is immense. Even so, there are a few names that can just make you cringe. My 10:30 is one of these names. I didn't want to take the meeting, but that would just be unprofessional. Besides, he begrudgingly gets my business and I had a bone to pick with the positioning of my last ad.

10:30 was in to meet with our entire group a month or two ago. I am still in awe of how he fit himself, Jr (his son) and their hyper-inflated egos in our conference room. Immediately, the self important name dropping began. He removed what was admittedly an expensive timepiece from his wrist and passed it around the room like we were poverty stricken naive children and not media professionals managing multi-million campaigns for extremely high end luxury goods brands, and ourselves donning jimmy choos, tag heuers and the like. He also held us captive for over two hours without actually pitching his publication, only his lifestyle.

So it was with trepidation I negotiated a time for us to meet. Luckily, I had a Sarbanes Oxley compliance group meeting with the agency lawyer at 11am, so upon greeting 10:30 and Jr, I was able to cut them off at the get go with an apology for lack of time (whereas a rep should be able to give me their whole pitch within 20 minutes regardless).

Halfassed acknowledging his verbal diarrhea of hanging out with Stephen Spielberg the night before and Wayne Gretsky coming up to him during a recent lunch to give a quickie neck massage, all of which Jr proclaimed with the gentle prodding of his father "Tell her who!!!" "Tell her what!!!" "Tell her...", I kept trying to turn this Queen Mary of self importance back to the task at hand: what can you do to generate sales of my product. And move my brand into a more acceptable position than first 66% of book (whereas no other book would think of putting us past first 15-20%).And again, he was showing off one of his 367 watches. How do I know how many he owned? Because Jr was prodded to tell me, of course.

True, the timepiece he donned was one of my brands, and clearly worth about my annual salary. I grew up in the Hamptons. I've made cappuccinos for Jackie O and John John. I recognize wealth. I also recognize and respect class. I do not respect 10:30 nor is his flaunting the watch, literally in my face, going to change that. I'm not impressed.

Clearly, this is a man who needs self acknowledgment. People likely bow to him all the time. I proceeded to coolly respond yes, it's beautiful however, what are we going to do about the positioning issue? And what event can we plan to boost sales in our Beverly Hills boutique? Neither of which he answered in the remaining ten minutes of our meeting. We wrapped up thanks to a faux name dropping of my own "My CFO will be at this meeting, and we can't keep him waiting now can we?" complete with my most phony yet forceful smile reserved for such occasions.

As I walked them to the elevator, 10:30 was still yakking about his watch and I was not taking the bait about 1950, the particular make. Nor did I care that no one in the parent company who manufactured it could even obtain one it was such a hot money ticket. I just continued giving him the Stepford Wife treatment. Off the 1950 came and he shooed Jr aside as he cornered me against the smoked glass doors. Flipping it over, he kept pointing out the 64 inscribed inside. (For those not in the know, when a fine timepiece is manufactured, sometimes limits are set on how many will be produced. Supply and demand.). He was now practically jumping up and down explaining how it was so important he have this particular 1950 line and how crucial it was to secure the 64th one manufactured.

10:30 was born in 1950! (Yep, yep, got it...)

10:30 lost his virginity in '64! (Wha? Did he just...)

Marinate on that moment. Now imagine yourself cornered against a glass doors with not eighteen inches separating you from this guy. And his son four feet away.Out came the Stepford laugh and a knowingly coy boys-will-be-boys eye roll. JUSTGETTHEFUCKOUTYOUFUCKWITTOOLBAG was my internal scream as I kiss kissed cheeks in the European manner while opening the door before rushing for my 11am.

My ears are still bleeding and I'm going to need massive amounts of pinot gris to ensure his adolescent lovemaking will not enter dream territory.


Hot Holiday Gift Ideas

Now, with "New Hunky Aroma."

Someone Give This Bitch An Award

Shanna Moekler is my hero. Pissed that Parasite Hilton was very publicly slutting it up with her ex (Travis Barker), Shanna literally took matters into her own hands at a club in LA last night.

She punched Paris in the face.

Let me repeat - She punched Paris in the face.

Ah, there is justice in the world...

The above is Paris and her wonk-eye being escorted into the police station where she filed an assault report.

It Was Only A Matter Of Time

When Rupert Murdock snapped up MySpace in July of '05 for the bargain price of $659 million, people expected him to infiltrate it with the rest of his empire. Alas, the day has arrived.

Investors Business Daily reported today (hey, I'm on comp) that Fox will offer full episodes of FoxTV shows on www.myspace.com after they have aired on TV. It's going to be advertiser supported with help from the folks at Fox On Demand.

This is only the beginning of the Murdock Empire Mashup, I'm sure. But hey, all the better to get my Wentworth Miller fix, no?


In Honor Of The Start Of MLB Playoffs

Being the laughing-stock of an entire nation: PRICELESS


Favorite new "New Rule" by Bill Maher

New Rule: Bring back lamps where the switch is on the actual lamp and not three feet down the cord! How come we used to be able to make lamps with an on-off switch where you'd naturally look for it? You know, on the part I like to call, "the lamp." But now it's on the cord? Did we lose the technology? I'm going to fight this. I'm going to bring back the lamp with the switch where it belongs, or my name's not Andy Rooney.


Here, Really?

As addicted as I am to the police blotter and hearing any report of violent crime in Brooklyn, I'm always 'comforted' by the fact that it's out in East New York, Brownsville and the like. In turn, I always reassure my naive family and friends (who do not reside in the city) that whatever occurred is in fact far from my hamlet in Carroll Gardens.

Unfortunately, and ironically the day I'm to travel to my father's, one of the top stories of the local newscast (and the cover of the Daily News) concerns a knife wielding psychopath who took two women hostage, slashing one's neck, before being shot to death by a cop a few blocks from my apartment.

Luckily both women are OK.

What's funny though is the fact that according to the news, this incident happened not only in Cobble Hill (the true neighborhood) but also: Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens, BoCoCa and Downtown Brooklyn. Literally, there goes the neighborhood...

Bon Voyage

A Westside institution, the USS Intrepid is "on leave" for the next two years. She's off to Jersey for repairs and a vaca in Staten Island while her parking spot is overhauled. Housed in the piers off the West Side Highway, the Intrepid hosted fighter planes from various decades and the Concord. She survived a torpedo hit after avenging the Japanese attack on Pear Harbor and helped liberate the Philippines. The ship was an integral part of NASA's mission to see man in space and saw duty in Vietnam. She was the last job the Brooklyn Navy Yards undertook and a tourist mainstay since retirement. The awe inspiring boat will be tugged to Jersey today. No word on where the Concord will be housed during the renovations.

Z's been fortunate to sip champagne on her deck care of the MS Society's annual fundraiser and marveled at the history of the ship itself and the planes that called her home. We'll miss you USS Intrepid and will be at attention to salute your return home in two years.

Say It Ain't So!

One of Z's favorite baseball players is Andy Pettitte. Clemens I can take or leave, although I thank my lucky stars he was with the Yanks in a few post-seasons. I'm of the mindset if you say you're going to retire - RETIRE already! But, I digress...

The LA Times reports today that reliever Jason Grimsley is accusing the two of doping. Z doesn't want to believe it. I've crushed on Andy for years. I stood by and defended him even after the disastrous 3 innings he blew in the '01 World Series out in the desert. Sosa, Bonds, McGuire - fine. I could give a fuck. But, not Andy.

According to the article, "In June, federal agents searched reliever Jason Grimsley's home in Arizona after the pitcher admitted using human growth hormone, steroids and amphetamines. Grimsley was later released by the Arizona Diamondbacks and suspended 50 games by Major League Baseball, and has not played since then."

Apparently Grimsley's not about to go down alone. Let's hope Andy and Roger come out clean. If not, Z's lost a hero and baseball's lost yet another level of trust and respect.

Suicide League Week Four: It's All About Hotlanta

That's right, dear readers, we need the Falcons to do damage to the Cardinals. There's no love for the desert this week. Atlanta's at home and coming off an embarassing Monday night. Go Vick!