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"Rain, Rain, Go Away...

...come again another day" is likely what the clubhouse was singing as the home opener at the very last season in Yankee Stadium (how many times are we gonna hear that one this season) was called earlier today. So long as Mother Nature cooperates, the Bombers will kick off the season tomorrow night.

Go Yanks!

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Friday Funnies

Only in NY kids.

Thx Dana

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This Has To Be The Most Absurd Ad I've Ever Seen

Flipping through a recent issue of Yachting Magazine to check on the positioning of one of my brands' ads, I came across this gem:

Seriously, there is so much that's WRONG with this ad, it's hard to figure out just where to begin. My favorite part? Nope, not the fact that this woman is doing a swan dive off of the back of the yacht. It's not even that she's barefoot and donning designer duds that would likely set me back a paycheck.

It's the tagline that gets me in the funny bone:

I want whatever this creative team was smoking.

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Tee Hee

A block away from my office is an "alternative" high school. Strolling to Steak Frites on Varick this week, I came upon this little bit of vandalism right outside its entrance:

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Nice to see the West Village hasn't completely lost it's identity.

(And yes, upon seeing this I giggled like a school girl.)

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Your St. Patty's Day Pot Of Gold

It'll take a few pints of Guiness to erase that vision from your mind, I know. Just stick with the good stuff and leave the green beer to the frat boys, dear readers.

Thx Hoobie!

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It's March 14th. And you know what that means...

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Um, Welcome Governor...Paterson?

I could register nothing but shock and disbelief when the news broke today about my favorite man up in Albany. Spitzer, in a prostitution ring bust? You've got to be fucking kidding me...

Sadly, quicker than you can say Ripped From The Headlines, I'd bet any reader $20 we'll be seeing an eerily similar "Special Hour" of Law & Order headed our way soon depicting a cocky stream roller of a Governor busted in a salacious sex scandal tried in Gotham City within months.

I'll leave the talking heads and upcoming undoubtedly ridiculously campy New York Post covers to lambaste Spitzer's character and scream about the hypocrisy of the situation. No, I'll just sum it up in five little words:

Elliot, you broke my heart.

Instead, let's turn our attention to the inevitable. Bring on the new Gov, David Paterson! In a few firsts for the state, Paterson is a blind African American from Harlem. Patterson's wit, intelligence and compassion made him the perfect compliment to Elliot's brash, judgemental and uncompromising ways to many in Albany. One can only hope those qualities can outshine the ensuing chaos and personally, I'm looking forward to learning more about my (for now) Lieutenant Governor.

More importantly, hey Bloomberg, whatchu got planned for, say, 2010-2018? How about eight more years of bringing stability to the state, having of course the city's best interests at heart? Just a suggestion...

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Cooler Heads Prevailed

In catching up with a girlfriend I hadn't had the pleasure of seeing in quite some time, we had a star sighting at Frankies, the little joint two doors down from my apartment. Mr Paul Giamatti himself.

It took every once of control I had to not act on my instinct and send him a glass of Merlot.

You're welcome, Paul.

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