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Not many things get my estrogen all in an uproar, but the lil' Joile-Pitts do it every time.

Angie took the Sexiest Baby Alive for a little doll shopping recently. Besides being memorized by the look of pure delight on Shiloh's face in the toy store, I noted the little lady is indeed growing up as she's standing on her own.

Collectively now, "Awe!"

Upon closer inspection, she remains a female Brad with Mommy's lips. It could be PMS, but the cuteness is almost unbearable.

Now please excuse me while throw myself into the hormone balancing act of selecting this week's NFL Suicide Pool Pick...

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It's Hazing Time!

The fratastic annual tradition of Yankees Rookie Hazing has struck gold. I mean who wouldn't love seeing Joba as the Cowardly Lion??? How's it stack up compared to years past?

A far better attempt than the lame-ass 2006 Steinbrenners:

Better use of a cross dressing than Wang's ridiculously cute Cheerleading 2005 class:

A more concise theme than 2004's gaggle of Elvi:

Much more thought clearly went into the Ozfest than Matsui's 2003 Pimps:

And poor Chancon is all I gotta say about this hot mess:

Unfortunately, the annual practice was not enstilled the year Oh Captain, My Captain was a rook (you know, as the late 90s winning dynasty came into fruition with it's first playoff run in ages), so here's a wee-Jeter for you instead:

Carry on, boys. Carry on!

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Boys Will Be Boys

When the producers screwed up my new favorite Weatherman Chris Allen's green screen, he reverted to classic adolescent form.

Dude's from Kentucky. Go figure.

Thx Dlisted!

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I've been on pins and needles the past couple of weeks with fingers and toes crossed hoping for the happy outcome announced today: Mr. Met has been inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame!

I'm sure Mrs. Met and the lil' Mets will all be on hand in that neon orange and blue atrocity (whose days are numbered) in the near future to pummel overly eager fans with t-shirts to mark the occasion.

Congrats, Mr. Met. You've earned it!

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Is there a better way to start your day...

than the Bossman calling you into his office to let you know that in appreciation for your hard work, team spirit and dedication to the company that effective 10/1 your salary will reflect a 10% pay raise?

Nope, that's pretty much how I'd like to start every Wednesday.

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No Snark, Just Paying My Respect

Hard to believe it's been six years.

We've all our stories of that day and how we coped with that which followed. I'll simply say it was an event I never fathomed could be, an end of naive innocence come too soon and a friend I'll always remember for her laughter and effervescent spirit.

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Suicide League Week One: Fuc The Bucs

It's that most wondrous time of the year and Z's most ready for some football! Once again, the weekly anxiety comes to a head before the 1pm Sunday kickoffs due to participation in my buddy's suicide pool. This year nearly seven grand's on the line for one lucky winner.

For week one, I've gone against my better judgement and am putting my money behind Seattle. Those who've been loyal readers will remember that it was Seattle that doomed me a few years back, blowing a 24 point lead with only five minutes to go in the fourth quarter against St Louis. That was then. This is now.

Jon "Chucky" Gruden hasn't shown the latent coaching genius lurking inside since leaving Oakland. Today should be no exception. The spread's a touchdown in favor of the perennially playoff bound Seahawks and the fact that they're playing in their loud ass home should only add to to the carnage. Go Hawks!

My confidence is not so strong for the Jets and Giants playing the Patriots and Cowboys respectively. Nevertheless, I'll be donning Gang Green and Big Blue to support my local boys. Man Genius can teach Belichick a thing or two - it's only a matter of time. I'm sincerely hoping the Jets D painfully crushes Randy Moss. And here's hoping Romo's still feeling the sting of his playoff OOPS! and Eli's boys roll all over America's Team. Oh, and let's not forget The Tuna's stepped down...

Here's hoping you're successful in your fantasy leagues and your hometown heroes pull through this year. Unless, of course, you're in my league or playing against my NY boys.

Are you ready for some football?

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Thanks Google!

Working in media, I am the recipient of all kinds of gifts from sales reps. Most are mundane - Godiva, books, beach towels, etc. A few have stood out: American flag lapel pin from Tiffany's (right after 9/11), Brita from Fast Company (their 'green' issue) and you always take meetings with golf reps in hopes they bring such bad ass umbrellas that even hurricane gusts won't flip those suckers inside out.

Today I received a promo gift that made my inner child light up. The literature says "When you build, think big. #1 in Global Search. #1 Worldwide Reach. #1 Online Video Community: You Tube. Google has your building blocks. Together, lets snap things into place."

Accompanying this was a sack of oversize Lego's.

Love me some LEGO'S!

Screw working. I'm off to play with them now...

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F Train Follies: Subway Enthusiasts Take Notice

Yes, this is totally dorky of me, but as much as I bitch about the MTA, I'm a little obsessed with the subway system. Someone more obsessed than me created an animated map showing the history of how the whole thing came to be what it is today.

Watch it for a bit and it just might put you into a trance.

Click Here to see the map in action.

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Happy Fashion Week!

"Because fashion saves more lives than doctorz." - Bruno

All the cabbies who aren't on strike today are likely shuttling about all the editrixes, ano-models, celebs and photogs for the bi-annual festivities known as NY Fashion Week. Personally, I'm excited to see what Marc sends down the aisle (aside from whichever twit reality starlet from The Hills he booked as a model) and for the numerous front row Devil sitings which will crop up all over the internet.

I'm wondering though, wasn't Sasha Baron Cohen supposed to be crashing the festivities one of these seasons to do a full length movie with his Bruno character? Perhaps this is the week when it'll all go down...

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Vacation's Over

The minute you stepped out the front door this morning, it was evident everywhere you looked: Summer's over. From the kids taking up nearly every available inch of sidewalk yelling to those they haven't seen in months, the new NYU residents wandering about in a confused and/or hungover state throughout the Village to the woeful looking subway commuters crowding into already full cars (after cursing at all the metrocard machines not accepting credit/debit cards), the seemingly empty summertime city has once again filled up.

Happy (early) Fall, dear readers.

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