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McCain, You Shocked The Hell Out Of Me

Sarah Palin! A 44 year old mother of five (one of which is currently serving in Iraq and another with Downs Syndrome) who was a small business owner before becoming the newbie Alaskan Governor who calls herself a "maverick" and is a Beltway Outsider. Palin's also a gun toting conservative runner up to Miss Alaska.

John, it's a huge gamble and genius, in my opinion.

True, I'm still licking my wounds from Hillary's demise, but I'm no PUMA. I am, however, a 30 year old female who's voted solidly for Democrats (with the exception of Mayor Bloomberg) since reaching the legal age to do so.and not sold on The Chosen Hopeful One who's yet to prove to me he's anything but rhetorical fluff. Adding Romney as Veep did nothing to bolster my interest in my party or this race since Clinton left it.

I've always been a fan of McCain and his ballsy ways. His camp's choice, however blatantly pandering to women, perks my interest. And all the 'feminist' haters: please don't insult me by bitching she's an anti-choice woman as your number one argument. Abortion doesn't top my list of why I vote for someone. There's a multitude of other issues out there.

I honestly don't know who I'll vote for, but you can bet I'll be very much looking forward to the debates.

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Best Buy To Sell iPhones!

Best Buy and Apple announced today beginning September 7th, iPhones will be sold in 970 Best Buy full sized stores and 16 Best Buy Mobile stores.


iPhones for everyone!

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Even The Empire State Building's Getting Into An Olympic Spirit

I've been watching much more of the Olympic Games than I thought I would. My main tune-ins are for the human dolphin's run at gold medal history, gymnastics and a sport I never thought I'd care about - synchronized diving. Don't judge me on that last one because it's not that often I have the opportunity to see hot guys in tiny speedos flinging themselves about.

But back to the point of this post...

A very cool thing is happening about a hundred stories up from the corner of 5th Avenue and 34th Street. For the first time in history, the Empire State Building is using the light displays on all four sides independently. Throughout The Games, each side will be lit in the national flag colors of the top sixty-six nations competing, based on the number of athletes participating. The first and last nights of The Games will highlight the USA and China only.

It's quite the spectacle. If you have the chance, definitely check it out.

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In Typical Subdued American Fashion...

...Phelps and friends celebrate their victory over the smack talking Frenchies last night in possibly the greatest free-syle relay ever.

But hey, Phelps, schmelps. I'm totally digging Garrett Weber-Gale's war cry.

Who knew swimming could be so exciting?

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It's 1991 All Over Again

EW circa November 8, 1991

Office Services sent out a company-wide email that there was free ice cream in the little conference room around the corner from my office. As I'm not a big fan of ice cream (I blame a certain activity involving garbage bags, ladles and gallons of the creamy stuff on my pledge class' Fake Hell Night in college, which ironically was also my 19th birthday), I didn't even open the email. After my boss goaded me with "But there's popsicles, too!", I begrudgingly followed her to 10.101.A.

In the cooler, I spied my once in a while go-to Toasted Almond bar. What was next to it, though, made my heart jump and a huge grin spread across my face. For there it was. Something I'd not had or seen in at least fifteen years. A. Chunky. Strawberry. FrozFruit. Bar.

Oh my God!

I should mention I was obsessed with the tasty wonders and basically subsisted entirely on them the summers of 1989 - 1992. I have not seen or even thought of them since.

I proceeded to snatch it and spent the next fifteen minutes reliving my youth. Heck, I even sucked the last remaining drops off the stick.

Thank you, Office Services!

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Elvis Has Left The Field

An Elvis impersonator using Wrigley Field as a giant Slip 'N Slide makes me heart the Cubbies even more than I already do.

Thx Deadspin