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Knight In Shining Sunglasses

Bono was knighted today in Dublin, but don't call him Sir Bono. As an Irish citizen, he's not entitled to the...title. Officially, Bono is to be known as Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

All of Bono's family was there, including 5 year old son John who quite rightly put things into perspective by showing his disappointment that his father wasn't presented with a Light Saber.

Said Bono: "He thought I was becoming a Jedi."

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Meet NY Baseball's Psychic...Er Lifecoach

Just in time for the kickoff to baseball season (Sunday for the Mets, Monday for the Yanks...cough, cough I suddenly feel like I'm coming down sick...), NY Magazine introduces us to Azra Shafi-Schelierini, a lifecoach most of the NY players can't live without.

Ron Darling was smitten and Giambi "'won’t go to the bathroom without her', jokes sports-insurance agent Richard Salgado."

My favorite part of the mini-article? This tidbit about Oh Captain, my captain:

"Why does Derek Jeter call you 'the Wiz'? When we met, he couldn’t pronounce my name. So it was 'Az.' That became the 'Wizard of Oz.' Then he shortened it."

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This Pains Me To Watch

Although I no longer drive (nor do I have a licence to operate a motor vehicle anymore), I still have a love of fine automobiles. I find it a source of pride that one of the products I work on is Ferrari branded.

So it kills me to see the inane automotive skills of comedian Eddie Griffin destroying this $1.5MM Ferrari Enzo, of which there are only a limited amount left in the world. Thankfully, the idiot wasn't hurt. But the car...oh, the car...(sob).

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Congrats, Eli!

Sorry ladies. He's officially off the market.

The Daily News reports that Eli Manning popped the question to long-time love Abby McGrew Tuesday night. The two have been together since college. Coincidentily, big bro Peyton is in town (for this week's SNL) to help celebrate.

Speaking of Eli's U. of Mississippi days, check out our lovable losing QB back in the debaucherous day:

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Dumpwatch 2007: Upper East Side Elitists

The New York Times has reported that the legendary 10021 zip code is about to get much more elite, dumping half of its residents this summer into two new zips on the Upper East Side. And how are residents taking the slight? A few choice quotes:

“The truth is, there are some people whose whole identity is their ZIP code,” said Michele Kleier, the president of the real estate brokerage Gumley Haft Kleier. "I don’t think everybody is going to move out of 80th Street, but obviously this is the most famous and most desired ZIP code in the city and in America,” she said.

Mr. Talese said, “The first thing you think of is your stationery. We still have the 212 area code, don’t we?” (He does.)

Mr. Wolfe was equally sanguine. “I’ll try to take it like a man,” he said.

Thankfully Mayor Bloomie's spokewhore realistically weighs in: “The mayor doesn’t favor one ZIP code over another,” Stu Loeser, said.

Is it any wonder I choose to live in Brooklyn?

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R2D2's On The Loose

Be on the lookout come March 28th, as the R2D2s will be taking over a downtown near you.

Ok, not really, but the US Postal Service has, for the first time, allowed their infamous blue collection boxes to be used as marketing tools. 400 boxes have been shrink wrapped and poised for distribution in over 200 cities across the US.

Why the lovable little guy from Star Wars? Well, for one, creatively, it's a natural fit. Secondly, a stamp will be unveiled on the 28th to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the original Star Wars movie release. The USPS is issuing the stamp in hopes that fans will snap them up (and not use as postage therefore allowing straight profit). Lucasfilms will not see a dime either, fyi.

The Wall Street Journal adds that there are currently no plans to transform more blue boxes into such characters as ET or Frodo Baggins. Damn, now seeing an army of ETs lining the streets I hustle down every day would truly be something special...

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Chris Noth Quote Of The Day

“It’s rude! When people call me ‘Mr. Big,’ I can’t help feeling a kind of contempt.”

I've actually met the guy a couple of times, both of which he was an arrogant (and very drunk the second time) arse. That said, he's still the hotness and the very reason I watch L&O: Criminal Intent and stalk Bravo and TNT for reruns of his pre-SATC L&O days.

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Hoping For A Sopranos Spinoff?

Fuhgeddabboudit. In a recent New York Magazine interview, creater David Chase says he's mulled a sitcom spinoff around Bobby & Janice and a prequel about Tony in his younger days but neither gathered any real steam. So how about a movie?

“A movie still exists as a possibility, I suppose. But it becomes less and less of a possibility because of technical challenges. I mean, where would you come in on the story? Let’s suppose, at the end of this, there are characters who don’t make it. How would you do the movie without them?”

Hmm...wonder who's not making it?

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Solemn Anniversary

Four years ago today, the Iraq War began.

"Just after the war began, 72 percent of Americans said they favored the war; today only 32 percent do." - CNN

3,217 American soldiers have lost their lives and nearly 25,000 have been wounded. According to the website IraqBodyCount.org, at least 59,287 Iraqi civilians have been killed by military intervention alone, not counting the numerous suicide bombs and terrorist attacks plaguing the country which is slowly spiraling into civil war.

Let's hope a solution to ending this war is found soon.

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Get Your Irish On

Just try and stay away from the green beer, dear readers.



WTF Happened To Toyna Harding?

She's used to be just the definition of trailer trash, but when did she become a he?

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Happy Pi Day

Geeks and school kids will be all in a tizzy celebrating "Pi Day" today, 3/14. If it's been awhile since you've opened a textbook, Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. You might remember it better as 3.14...(the decimals are infinite).

Z's suggests paying your respects by ordering a slice of pizza, or a whole pie if you're so inclined.

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Rehabwatch 2007: Fashion Edition

With all the rehab-happy celeb stories clamoring the news these days, it only seemed natural to added Rehabwatch to our regular Dumpwatch, Deathwatch and Bumpwatch features.

What more of a fashionable way to kickoff the new series then with the WWD "breaking news" story of the day? Holiday party costume choice aside, clearly the recent makeover proves two things - the white stuff will work wonders at taking off those extra pounds and damn - this man can even make addiction look good.

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It's Coming! It's Really Coming!

After more than 80 years, real progress has finally been made with regard to building that urban myth called the 2nd Avenue line, aka the T Line. As soon as the initial budget is approved in late April, a ground breaking ceremony will kick off the Big Dig.

It will be the city's first new subway line in 60 years and slated to be completed (125th Street/Harlem to Hanover Square/Downtown in the Financial District) by 2020.

In the meantime, Upper East Siders might want to think about moving as you're about to be smack dab in the middle of contruction hell:

"Two lanes of traffic on Second Avenue between 96th and 92rd streets will be closed while workers relocate pipes and cables, said Mysore Nagaraja, president of MTA Capital Construction.Six to eight months later at 93rd Street, workers will dig a massive hole to lower a tunnel boring machine 70 feet down. All the while, trucks will be delivering supplies while hauling away dirt and rock.Above-ground work is authorized between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. while tunneling will continue round-the-clock below."

For more details, click here or here.

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Favorite new "New Rule" by Bill Maher

"New Rule: Activists have to stop preying on my liberal sympathies outside of Whole Foods. I know my signature is vital to the anti-war movement, clean needle programs, music in schools, a free Tibet, and the fight against autism in gay polar bears...But I just need some hummus and a can of pinto beans. For $37.00. "

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Crazy-ass Cat

Per the AP, a cat attacked its owner, an Idaho woman, inflicting more than 20 bite wounds.

The crazy kitty went on a rampage after seeing a neighbor at the door with another cat sending its owner to the hospital. It's not the first time the feisty feline went 'beserk.' Said owner was attacked previously and is now ready to part with the crazed cat, said a fire official who responded to the call.

Sounds like Lewis has met his match.

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They're Back...

Well, not yet but if the April cover of Vanity Fair is any indication, we're about to be innodated by Sopranos series finale mania. The next new episode will air 4/8 at 9pm. It's titled "Soprano Home Movies."

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I Wish She'd Crawl Under A Rock Already

I can't stand Ann Coulter and usually dismiss her uber right wing rants as just that - rants. But, she took it a bit far by calling John Edwards a 'faggot'. Both parties have responded by calling her remarks bigoted, un-American and wildly innappropriate.

Edwards' camp posted the clip above on their website and called on supporters to raise $100,000 in "'Coulter Cash' this week to keep this campaign charging ahead and fight back against the politics of bigotry."

I'm still not decided on who I'll support for President, as I love all the announced (and still hoping on Big Al to toss his hat in the ring), but I'll throw some support Edwards' way to show up Coulter. Click below should you wish to do the same.


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Stupid Idea Of The Day

ABC is seriously considering putting a sitcom on primetime based on the annoying-ass-cavemen in the Geico commercials.

According to TMZ, "the show would revolve around three pre-historic men who must battle prejudice as they live their day-to-day lives in modern Atlanta."

Excuse me, I just vomited in my mouth a little...

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