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Dear Kiefer,

A week ago Friday, a group of misfits were enjoying the first warm Spring Friday afternoon with a well deserved happy hour at Fiddlesticks when we spotted you walking by talking on your cellphone. Because we're a debaucherous lot, it seemed not only natural but fitting that we'd befriend you, or at least gain a celebrity "high five." It was not our intention to become "that group" which, inevitably we did, albeit much later in the evening. Our sending your table a round of shots was in no way meant to piss off your ladyfriend. We would have felt guilt when you retreated to the same spot as the cell phone call to console her, but were too intent in our quest to gain every passing New Yorker's "high five" slap to let the guilt last longer than a fleeting wince.

Out of respect (or embarrassment), we moved this week's installment of High Five Happy Hour uptown to terrorize the residents of Amsterdam and 80th/81st.

The High 5 Crew

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Where's Waldo?

At the recent Conde Nast Traveler Hotlist Party, my coworkers and I played a fun game all evening. Our sales rep, who we will call "Waldo" is the only man I know who can pull off a hot fuchsia impeccably tailored suit jacket. Even though the joint was packed, we could easily spot Waldo wherever his whereabouts.

Can you?

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Coming home from work recently, I encountered this outside the neighborhood watering hole:

It's not terribly unusual to encounter classic cars in mint condition (think mustangs and other assorted muscle cars) outside of Hanley's, but this truck takes the cake. I've no idea who is its owner, but no doubt he's a colorful character.

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Happy Tax Day

You know the saying, the only things in life are death...and taxes. Unless you want Uncle Sam coming after your ass, all you procrastinators still have a few hours left to file. Godspeed.

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Even though Kansas kicked ass tonight, mathmatically, even if they win the championship, I will only get 3rd place. AGAIN. Second year in a row.

Payout remains 1st and 2nd.


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Swiss Bound

I'm off to Geneva to attend what's the equivilant to Fahion Week for exceptional timepieces. Having never been to Switzerland, I'm very much looking forward to hopefully getting to explore a little bit of the city of Geneva should I have a little downtime.

I'll also be touring a client's manufattura in the Vallee de Joux. The pictures I've seen look almost impossibly beautiful.

Enjoy your week. I know I will.

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Seriously, I Attended The Auto Show - Part IV Fun Finds

Check out the new sporty Range Rover.

Not to be outdone, Hummer boasts it's own mini me. (The crowd gathered around this vehicle was nearly drooling on what looks like the Tonka Trucks my brothers used to play with.)

I'm not sure what this fugly thing is called, but I'm dubbing it El Dorado 2.0. Seriously, it's heinous.

And now I bring you the highlight of the show: The Maybach.

For only $250K, this lovely little bit of luxury can be yours.

Turns out my favorite car at the show was created in 1972. It's exactly the car I'd purchase next (you know, if I drove and had a valid licence):

This concludes our tour of the 2008 International Auto Show. Hope you enjoyed!

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Seriously, I Attended The Auto Show - Part III I Think Steve Jobs Is Behind This

I've found the ipod of cars, appropriately called Cube.

Hopefully it's battery lasts longer than the first generation 20Gs.

It's cute, no?
Even down to the wheels.

I've no idea how it works, but something tells me these little puppies will be rolling out all over the globe in the next few years.

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Seriously, I Attended The Auto Show - Part II In Which I Find My BatMobile

Sometimes pictures speak for themselves.

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My Aha Moment

To me, the cable network Bravo can do no wrong. I'll gladly watch nearly any reality show they produce. My current obsession is The Real Housewives Of New York. From the bawdy and gaudy Ramona to the always cool as a cucumber The Countess, these women have me transfixed. Of all the women, I can most relate to Bethenny. She's in her 30s, in a relationship (well after last night, who knows if that's still true) but not yet married and clawing her way up a career path. She's also so damn familiar looking...

It's been nagging me where I know Bethenny from. I don't live on the Upper East Side, so it's unlikely I'd bump into her running errands. While she's connected with people in the fashion industry, she's a chef, so it's unlikely we'd cross paths professionally. Yet, I know I know her from somewhere.

I was one of the handful of people who actually watched Martha Stewart's The Apprentice. Turns out, Bethenny was a contestant. She made it to the finale but was brushed off by the Martha for "showing disrespect to her subordinates, for being a show-off, and having excessive need to make physical impressions." She was also apparently a little too rough around the edges and dare I say it: a little too New York.

And I, apparently, watch too much reality TV.

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Seriously, I Attended The Auto Show - Part I How To Say Silver In Six Ways

I should state upfront, I don't drive. In fact, I don't have a valid driver's licence. I gave it up in 1999 when I realized the to date one car I'd ever owned was nothing but a money sucking inconvenience. I knew I was moving to New York City and this was no place to pony up for the privilege to escape. Not when there's planes, trains, cabs, buses, livery drivers and the subway to get a girl wherever she needed to go.

Yet, having owned and mastered a little stick shift VW, I have a deep respect and almost pathological lust for anything six cylinder or above. Heck, even hybrids can get my motor running. (Sorry, that is the last auto cliche I promise).

When the Manfriend's brother invited me to the annual auto porn show at the Javits Center, of course, I jumped at the opportunity.

I was not disappointed.

First up: I learn how to say grey in six ways. Having not shopped for a car in over a decade, I wasn't sure if the wall in front of me was a sculpture or a chinese menu. Turns out it was a bit of both.

Let's say I want a grey car. I'm lucky to have many choices. Should you be put in the position to ponder what the fuck the difference between Silver Birch, Smokestone or Silver is, there's helpful little painted balls to show you the intricacies of all the options.

Clearly, something called Vapor Silver is the way to go. Although, Tungsten Grey has quite the ring to it...

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